Our Mission

Mostawdae logistics is one of the leading companies in the management and operation of central warehouses and the provision of integrated logistics services to the business sector professionally, organized and smooth

Establishing a strong entity that contributes to the provision of integrated logistics services to improve the kingdom's logistics sector.

Our long-term strategy is to become one of saudi arabia's leading warehouse management companies and provide supporting logistics to serve the business sector.

Manage inventory professionally for the business sector, provide different spaces at competitive prices, and provide support services for supply chains.

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  • Distinctive Experts That Provide Effortless Expertise .
  • Flexible storage contracts: monthly storage - annual storage - partial storage.
  • Expand your business and develop your business based on periodic inventory reports.
  • Take advantage of every rental meter for your owner in the service of your customers and provide warehouse management and employment efforts.
  • Speed of service and access to service within 3 days

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